The   WORSHIP COMPANION is meant to aid members of CFC (and its Family Ministries) during their household and small group meetings/gathering to have a vibrant and lively worship through a special compilation of music for praise and worship.
It not only serves as teaching material for new songs, but each compilation also comes with an instrumental guitar CD
that can serve as a substitute for a live music ministry.

Vol.5 Contains: To love more, To lift our hands in praise, You ar my Lord, Mission Ready, Now and forever, Fearless, With you, More of you and My God and my King

The songs, though individually recorded, are also grouped in a manner that is recommended for worship, with two fast and one slow song in each set revolving around a certain theme or message. Spontaneous worship with the leading of the Spirit was considered in the selection and recording of each song to attain a truly authentic worship experience.

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